This book is about Technology Simplicity

the combination of The Art of Simplicity and Technology & it’s tools;
to Ultimately – Digitizing Business Operation

It’s about my past 10 years journey since the first step of my entrepreneurship – Typo Auto Corrector (aka: SecondKey) that bring auto correction service to Windows (Microsoft) operating system and its majority of its supporting application, to digitize businesses in different industry including travel, real estate development, service provider, media publishing and etc.
Maximizing tools that we are using especially achieving automated process not just saving time a lot in terms of repeated tasks but saving more time in dealing with unnecessary human error.
To automated/digitize your business process, you must make sure your current (traditional) method is working and manage to deal with different kind of situations, else your automation can goes wrong especially hiccups occur, which is why typically fine-tune of the process might take up to a year or maybe more!

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